About us

Motorhome Republic is all about the open road, about secluded country lanes and scenic highways. We love travel and it is this passion which has led us to become one of the world’s leading motorhome, campervan and RV rental booking specialists.

Every year, thousands of our customers hit the road thanks to our network of over 300 suppliers across 28 countries. We use our considerable buying power and our relationships with rental suppliers to bring the best deals on a wide range of quality motorhome rentals.

Our team of knowledgeable and friendly specialists are experts in all aspects of camper hire. Their aim is to get you the right vehicle at the right price, so that you can experience your dream motorhome holiday.

We look forward to helping you plan your road trip!

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Meet our staff

Our specialist motorhome consultants are based in Australasia, and we are ready to help you 24 hours a day. Below are some of the faces to match the names you might come across when booking with us.

General Manager - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: Star RV
  • Favourite destination: Canada's West Coast
  • Best motorhome tip: Add a few extra days on to your itinerary! There is nothing worse on a motorhome holiday than having to leave a place unexplored due to lack of time. Adding a few extra days might save you having to fly all the way back again next year to see the things that you missed.

I have been in the travel industry for 15 years, and I draw on that experience now in my position as General Manager here at Motorhome Republic. Being in charge of the global leader in online motorhome rental is a great privilege and a role that I get maximum enjoyment from every day. Searching for new ways to grow our offering, explore new motorhome markets and make things easier for our customers to book the right campervan for them is something I am very passionate about.

Account Manager

  • Favourite motorhome: Kea
  • Favourite destination: Byron Bay, Australia
  • Best motorhome tip: Don’t plan too much! Savour the freedom of mobility within your itinerary and take a few days extra to linger in the spots you most enjoy.

I’m a new addition to the team here at Motorhome Republic, having traveled the world for work for the last 6 years. I have enjoyed various travel experiences across Asia, the Americas and Europe but would like to spend more time in our local beautiful Pacific Islands. I enjoy sharing my experience with customers and helping them prepare for and enjoy their own perfect motorhome holiday.

Sales Support Team Leader

  • Favourite motorhome: El Monte RV
  • Favourite destination: Barcelona, Spain
  • Best motorhome tip: When hiring a vehicle in a country you have never been to before, always do your homework and pre-book campgrounds. Some are closed during low season and are only opened a few months of the year. There is nothing worse than being stranded in a foreign country without a place to stay.

Working in an industry that allows you to meet and speak with people from all walks of life is most certainly one of the reasons why I have chosen travel as my profession. I have been with Motorhome Republic for the past 8 years so my history with this company has given me a lot of experience. I've traveled all over the world, most recently around Europe where we collected a Motorhome in Italy and returned it to the UK.

Reservation Sales Consultant - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: Moturis
  • Favourite destination: Central North Island, New Zealand
  • Best motorhome tip: One-way hires can be difficult to organise and confirm, particularly for the USA or anywhere in Europe. Never leave this to chance.

Travel has always been a passion. My adventures have included snorkelling in Samoa, going bush in Australia and gambling in Macau! I have had the pleasure of working at Motorhome Republic for three years and have loved every moment. We are the world’s number one online booking website and it’s hard not to be enthusiastic about that!

Reservation Sales Consultant - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: United Campervans
  • Favourite destination: New Zealand
  • Best motorhome tip: Always check the depot operating hours before you book your flights! Those flights are cheap for a reason! Its in your benefit to spend a bit more to arrange flexible flights then having to book overnight accommodation.

I am a young kiwi woman with a passion for travel. I have visited the United States of America, Canada, Hawaii and Fiji and eager to see more! I always take full advantage when I am away on holiday from trying exotic foods to bungy jumping and scuba diving. I do believe that it is a better experience visiting new countries in a motorhome as you will see more of the destination and meet the locals and tourists like yourself at every campsite. Never be afraid to try something new.

Reservation Sales Consultant - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: KEA
  • Favourite destination: New Zealand
  • Best motorhome tip: If you are traveling in a group we can get you some good discounts. The more vehicles you need the bigger the savings but these need to be booked early to avoid disappointment.

I have spent half my time in China and the other half in New Zealand in the last 12 years. I got the chance to visit a number of places in the world including Australia, Indonesia, France, Italy, Canada and Japan in between business trips and family holidays. Travel is definitely part of my life. I am happy to help you with some good ideas for your motorhome travel and to share some of my own experiences with you. I speak both English and Mandarin working from our New Zealand office. Please feel free to contact me for any enquiry regarding your motorhome travel.

Reservation Sales Consultant - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: McRent
  • Favourite destination: Lyon, France
  • Best motorhome tip: Do not book your flights, hotels or camping ground and so on before you actually get your motorhome confirmed. That is a tip for your holiday to start smoothly.

Although I'm originally from Tahiti and I love to travel and explore. I have been several times to the United States, France, Spain, Switzerland, China, Australia and a lot of Islands throughout the Pacific. Now I enjoy helping others with their holiday plans in a motorhome. I wish to travel to many more countries and among them are the Netherlands, Italy, and Vietnam.

Sales Support Consultant - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: Apollo RV
  • Favourite destination: Seattle, USA
  • Best motorhome tip: Consider taking additional insurance cover for peace of mind, this is so important. I am more than happy to explain more in detail.

Hola! My name is Gabriela, I am Mexican and currently living in New Zealand. I truly adore roadtrips as I think this is one of the best ways to get to know an area and its people plus you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes the world has to offer. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding our website or how to make a booking. I am here to help you and a pleasure to have a fellow Hispanic over the phone.

Reservation Sales Consultant - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: Maui
  • Favourite destination: Alice Springs
  • Best motorhome tip: Consider booking camp grounds in advance if you plan on using. Most camp grounds have full facilities and can be booked out over the peak season. Do not book flights until you have a confirmed booking for your motorhome.

Bien le Bonjour! After traveling through Europe/UK, Germany, Ireland and Italy, I wanted to go further with the experience. Spending a year in Australia extended my thirst for more travel and decided to come to New Zealand, the country of my dreams. I now live here, still making time to travel and I've never looked back. I'm fluent in French and English.

Reservations Sales Consultant - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: Pure Motorhomes
  • Favourite destination: Lake Taupo, NZ
  • Best motorhome tip: Secure your Motorhome before you book any Flights. There is only a limited amount of Motorhomes available in each Country. If you travel with Kids, i would suggest something slightly bigger, maybe a Hi-Top, maybe a 4-berth or even larger.Make sure you feel comfortable in your "Home Away From Home"

Moin moin. Born and raised in Nothern Germany, I moved to New Zealand in 2009 and spent most of my time traveling this beautiful Country. My family owns a Motorhome ,and I loved staying in it since I was a kid. Motorhome Trips are a highlight of my Life. You get to travel and drive where ever you want, and spent as much time in one place as you like. So if you would like to speak to a German-Kiwi, flip me an EMail or call me. I will definetly make sure you get the best Deal, and even add a Cup of Coffe in there if you do come past the Office in Auckland :)

Account Manager – New Zealand, USA and Canada

  • Favourite motorhome: Jucy
  • Favourite destination: South Island, New Zealand
  • Best motorhome tip: Motorhomes are ideal to take to festivals. You get your own space, running water and it's much nicer than staying in a tent!

I have spent time living in the UK and traveling around Europe, Asia and the USA. This made me fall in love with the travel industry, which I have been a part of for the last 5 years. I'm the Account Manager for New Zealand, USA and Canada which means I'm responsible for getting the best deals for our customers visiting each of those destinations.

Sales Team Leader

  • Favourite motorhome: Touring Car
  • Favourite destination: Wellington, NZ
  • Best motorhome tip: I always recommend securing the vehicle first to avoid missing out - and then planning your trip.

Bonjour! Originally from France, I've spend the last 3 years working for the travel industry in New Zealand. I traveled my all life in Africa, Europe, US, New Zealand, Australia and I don't want to stop the list here! You're most welcome to contact me in French or English and I'll help you to book your holidays!

Senior Sales Support Consultant - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: Road Bear
  • Favourite destination: USA - Pacific North West
  • Best motorhome tip: If there are four of you travelling, consider hiring a six-berth instead of a four-berth as the extra room will make all the difference.

I have worked in the motorhome and travel industry for seven years and have been based in both NZ and the UK. This has given me a wide experience with different nationalities, suppliers and customers, and I love helping people hit the road in the perfect vehicle! Motorhome hire offers flexibility and freedom - sometimes I wish I could go with them!

Sales Support Consultant - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: Kea, Maui and Star RV - Brand new vehicles.
  • Favourite destination: South Island - New Zealand
  • Best motorhome tip: When booking motor homes, you need to book at least 6 months in advance in order to have better chances of securing the vehicle you originally wanted. Don't underestimate the popularity of these vehicles, especially for one way trips. It's never too early to book.

Living in new Zealand my whole life has given me the opportunity to experience and travel in my own country before I start traveling overseas. My favorite place to travel would be the South Island, - Picturesque sights, Nature and Beauty is a key thing that the South Island offers. This is a place that you'll never forget, and whats a better way to travel and experience this beautiful island that a hotel on wheels. I have always worked in the travel industry, mainly focusing on customer service and sales. What I love about it is that you help customers plan their holidays, ensure they have the best experiences and recommend the best places to visit whilst traveling. Making customers realize what travel is all about - Freedom, Carefree and Fun.

Reservation Sales Consultant - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: McRent
  • Favourite destination: Scandinavia
  • Best motorhome tip: Please be aware of the statutory and bank holidays that are observed by the country you are intending to travel to, as well as holidays specific to that country such as school and tertiary holiday breaks. These periods will see an increase in both demand and rental costs therefore effecting the availability of motor homes. Sometimes a good counter to this increased demand is to book before or after these holiday periods. (It may also result in a cheaper rental!)

I have travelled to Australia several times, Samoa, Singapore various parts of New Zealand as well as most recently Indonesia. My role here has helped me to appreciate the unique experience that travelling using a motor home presents. Some of the destinations I hope to be able to visit soon include, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Europe and South Africa.

Sales Support Team Leader - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: Just Go Motorhomes
  • Favourite destination: London
  • Best motorhome tip: We are the best in the business, so come to us for all your motor home inquiries. Book early to avoid disappointment and take full insurance.

Hi, I'm Shu'aib, born and raised in South Africa. I moved to New Zealand to explore its beauty. English is my first language and I also speak Africkaans. The first time I really traveled I was 17 years old and only returned home after 8 years. I'm outgoing and active. I'm here to assist you book a trip of a life time.

Sales Support Consultant - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: Camper Iceland
  • Favourite destination: Vancouver
  • Best motorhome tip: Get to know the locals when you are traveling in your motor home as they will provide you with first hand tips for places to view within that region especially those that are most treasured. Pack for weather conditions in soft foldaway luggage.

Talofa Lava! My name is Flora. I can appreciate lavish green far away landscapes and scenery, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, being raised on a tropical island. What better way than to escape in a motorhome and travel at your own pace, whether on your own or with your family. Conact me and I will help you tick this adventure off your bucket list.

Sales Support Consultant - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: Apollo
  • Favourite destination: Kerala, India
  • Best motorhome tip: Always plan in advance. Lock in your motorhome first before booking your flights.

Namste! I am orginally from India and been in New Zealand since 2015. I take proud in being part of world's largest motorhome platform & bring my previous experience as a travel consultant to enhance the customer service aspects. Motor home holidays are definitely unique and amazing but please don’t forget to consult our team of experts before you take-off ?

Sales Consultant - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: Cruise America
  • Favourite destination: Los Angeles
  • Best motorhome tip: Plan your road trip in advance so you can get the motorhome that suits you, your family and your itinerary. Bring light fold away luggage and most important, get comprehensive insurance - I can certainly help you with that.

Hola! It was a delight traveling through USA, Canada and Germany. My 2 favorite destinations would be New Zealand and Los Angeles(USA). I definitely recommend taking a motorhome or an RV on your next holiday, this is such a convenient way to travel. I am available to help you plan your next get away! I speak Spanish and English.

Sales Consultant - Motorhomes

  • Favourite motorhome: Star RV
  • Favourite destination: South Island
  • Best motorhome tip: Be open minded and always allow time for your confirmations to come through before locking in your flights. The last thing you want is Routes planned, Campgrounds booked and flights locked in but no Camper.

Hi there, I have been working within the Motorhome Industry for the last eight Years. I recently started my passion for Motorhomes at THL who is also known as Britz, Maui and Mighty Campers and then moved onto become an Agent in Australia and then worked with Apollo Motorhomes before joining Motorhome Republic. So you will notice that my expertise is in Australia and New Zealand but, although I have not yet made my mark in Europe and USA, I have the right knowledge and contacts to get you locked into your future Motorhome Getaway.


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